All successful businesses, no matter how different they may be from one another, owe a large part of their success to one common driving factor: effective communication. The ability to successfully communicate in the workplace is a crucial business skill, as it unites teams and encourages a collaborative work ethic.

Effective communication can be simple. Establishing a relationship of trust with colleagues, speaking in a clear and concise manner, asking open-ended questions, and being a good listener are just some of the ways effective communication can be achieved in the workplace.

Here are my thoughts on why effective communication is the most important business skill:

1. Unites teams and encourages collaborative working

With effective communication, comes outstanding teamwork and unity which leads to an increase in productivity and staff efficiency. Great teamwork will always leave your team members in a happy state and can boost everyone’s morale. Solidarity within a business creates a safe and open environment for employees to express concerns and opinions without being shut down. However, this camaraderie can only be achieved by creating and maintaining a relationship of trust with your colleagues. 

2. Allows business ideas to be explained clearly

Having the perfect idea for your business means nothing if you can’t explain or deliver it in a clear and concise manner. Possessing and exercising strong communication skills in the workplace gives you the ability to comprehensively pitch business ideas to your team and clients.

3. Enables you to deliver bad news without creating conflict or destroying trust

Delivering bad news, whether in a business or social setting, is a task no one wants to perform. In the world of business, a person delivering unpleasant news can sometimes become the subject and poster-child for other negative experiences. It is therefore crucial to have the ability to deliver bad news without creating conflict or damaging trust in the workplace. Having solid communication skills gives you access to smart and alternative methods of delivering unpleasant news.

4. Helps establish and maintain strong relationships with local and international business ties

The connections and relationships that you create are an important driving factor that keep businesses thriving. It is vital to have effective communication skills to help you build and sustain strong relationships with your local and international business ties, because the success of your business relies on it. Being technologically savvy in how you interact with your global allies is one example of using your communication skills in a valuable manner.

The ability to exercise effective communication is the most important business skill, because we rely heavily on interaction in every component of running a business. Knowing how to confidently communicate in the workplace creates a smooth and healthy work environment.