Did you know that your heart is one of the first organs to be formed?

So it makes a lot of sense to check in first with your heart and gut, before you starting using your head to lead yourself, your team and your business.

Science is now confirming this. Being heart-centred in your life and your business is the next level of emotional intelligence that our global business world, staff and clients have been craving.

When you are leading your staff, do you measure them just using key performance indicators? Or do you connect with them on a heart-to-heart level. Who are they really? Do you know and understand their hopes, fears and dreams for themselves and their families?

If not, now may be the right time to connect not only with your staff and customers on a heart-to-heart level but also wholeheartedly with yourself.

When was the last time you checked in with your thoughts and feelings? Are you feeling positive, neutral or negative about your life and career right now? How is your relationship with yourself holding up?

Being mindful of your emotions on a regular basis can be an extraordinary tool to measure not only your own state of health and happiness but also that of your team and customers.

The science behind the amazing power of your heart

Science is now confirming not only the power of self-awareness, but also the heart-based wisdom of the world’s most people-based and successful leaders.

So how do we become a heart-based leader?

Follow this simple, easy and fun process to become a more heart-based leader. Close your eyes for a few moments.

  1. Ask yourself

    “Am I coming from my heart or my head?” Now visualise and scan your body with your mind’s eye and your emotions for 30 seconds.

  2. Now clear your mind and your heart

    With a few deep breaths for 10 seconds.

  3. What was your answer? Are you coming from your head or your heart?

    If you were already coming from your heart, go deeper and really connect with your heart even more. Bring as much love into your heart as you can for yourself and the other person. Unconditional love with no ego.

If you were coming from your head, take a moment and ask yourself, are you willing to trust your heart in making this decision? You can always practise with smaller decisions first.
This is yet another simple, fun and reliable intuitive process you can use to make decisions that are aligned with your values and your highest good.

Let your heart intuitively guide you first, before you go to your head. Check in with your values and your heart’s emotional intelligence of doing the right thing for customers, the staff, the company and yourself.