Whether you’re being interviewed for the next big corporate position or networking with others, it’s important to be able to identify exactly who you are and what you do in a quick and articulate manner. This is known as an ‘elevator statement’. It allows you to easily describe what you do for a living without going too in-depth or becoming too hard to understand.

A good elevator statement is a crucial tool for piquing the interesting of a journalist, attracting new customers, or simply explaining your role to others. An elevator statement is a great option for CEO’s to use when speaking to someone who doesn’t have a complete understanding of the organisation or their role in it. It should be short and to the point, ensuring that it’s easy for anyone to understand. Do you struggle with explaining your role to others?

3 tips for creating a standout elevator statement:

  1. Explain your role to yourself

    Get a pen and paper out and write what you do in different ways. Don’t be too particular at this stage as this first step is for generating ideas and getting a feel for descriptive words. Identify what makes you, your organisation or your business idea unique. Keep in mind your elevator statement should be exciting and memorable. Think about using visual language to describe your role and organisation.

  2. See what someone else thinks

    Once you have made the necessary edits and perfected your statement to fit into a 30-60-second time frame, run it by as many people you possibly can. It helps to practise this with people you trust and those who already have some understanding of what you do so they can provide valuable feedback.

  3. Practise, practise, practise!

    Now you have your final statement. Write it down and memorise it so you are comfortable delivering it in any situation. Being able to confidently and clearly articulate your elevator statement is an important skill that can be learned with consistent practice.

    A well-structured and well-thought-out elevator statement can make an enormous contribution with that first impression. If you’re a CEO or an entrepreneur who wants to look confident and show off your role, creating a strong elevator statement is essential.