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Which category will you enter in this year’s Executive of the Year Awards?

Hurry, applications close for The CEO Magazine’s 2018 Executive of the Year Awards on 3 August.

We break down everything you need to know about the 24 categories so you can enter before applications close on 3 August 2018 – it only takes around 30 minutes to submit your application.

Major Award: CEO of the Year

All of the award categories culminate in the major award, CEO of the Year. It’s the highest honour and is a hotly contested accolade each year. Previous winners have exemplified the traits essential for being an outstanding executive.

Do you have what it takes to join this elite group?

Past winners of the CEO of the Year Award:

  • 2017: Michael Ebeid, SBS
  • 2016: Stephen Cornelissen, Mercy Health
  • 2015: Christine Holgate. Blackmores
  • 2014: Ciaran Davis, ARN
  • 2013: Kevin Gallagher, Clough
  • 2012: Gilman Wong, Sirtex Medical

As part of the application process for the major award, entrants are required to apply for an Industry Award too.

Industry Awards

The industry awards showcase the success of senior executives working in Australia’s major industries. From media to manufacturing, there’s a category for you. New for 2018 is the Education Executive of the Year category.

  • Media Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Retail Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Transport and Logistics Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • IT and Telecommunications Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Health and Pharmaceutical Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Building and Construction Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Manufacturing Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Energy and Resources Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Hospitality and Tourism Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Financial Services Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Professional Services Executive of the Year – Apply now
  • Education Executive of the Year – Apply now

Job-specific Awards

Not a CEO? Not a worry. There are seven job-specific categories to suit a range of executive positions. So whether you work in sales or finance, marketing or HR, there’s a category to recognise your professional achievements.

Managing Director of the Year

What initiatives have you implemented as managing director that have positively impacted more than just the bottom line in your business? And how have you transformed your organisation to better service your industry? We want to hear your story. Apply now.

Chairperson of the Year

How have you focused on environmental, social or governance factors to ensure stakeholders are satisfied, while simultaneously driving business results? Apply today to share what you’ve been doing in this space, as well as how you’ve developed strategic alliances and corporate relationships. Apply now.

CFO of the Year

As a leader in the finance department, what financial challenges have you overcome over the past 12 months? We want to hear how you have helped your business become stronger and more successful. Further, tell us how you’re keeping track of and investing the company’s funds for better business outcomes. Apply now.

CIO of the Year

This category is for the CIOs and CTOs making a difference within their organisations. Explain how you’re dealing with cybersecurity threats and staying abreast of innovation to be in the running to win this award. Apply now.

HR Executive of the Year

Attracting, training and retaining quality employees is an important factor in a company’s success. What strategies have you implemented to ensure the recruitment process in your organisation is seamless and effective? We also want to hear about how you’re encouraging gender equality and diversity within your organisation. Apply now.

Marketing Executive of the Year

As a marketing professional in your organisation, what objectives have you set for the business and what strategies have you implemented to achieve these goals? We all know that connecting with customers in a way that’s authentic is critical, so share how you’ve adapted your brand’s presence, particularly online, to ensure that this is the case. Apply now.

Sales Executive of the Year

What were your main sales objectives and targets this year, and how did you achieve them? We want to hear about all of the great initiatives you’ve put in place to respond to the growing demands of modern customers. We also know that sales is about more than just delivering figures, so tell us what else, besides revenue, you’ve brought to your company that has amplified its success. Apply now.

Recognition Awards

The recognition awards seek to spotlight amazing achievements by unique individuals.

Executive Assistant of the Year

It’s not just CEOs who can impact an organisation for the better. EAs play an important role too. We want to recognise all the EAs, PAs, Executive and Personal Secretaries who are making a difference. Use your application to share what you’ve been doing to overcome obstacles in your workplace and how your role has evolved in an increasingly digitised office environment. Apply now.

Not-For-Profit Executive of the Year

As a leader of a not-for-profit organisation, how do you ‘do more with less’ to combat government funding cuts and decreased contributions? We also want to hear about the most important decision you’ve made over the past 12 months and how it has contributed to the success of your company. Inspire your peers by sharing your story. Apply now.

Start-Up Executive of the Year

Are you a start-up executive disrupting an industry? We want to hear from you. By revealing how you’re changing the game, overcoming the challenges that all start-ups face, and making the executive decisions to lead your company to success, you could be the winner of the Start-up Executive of the Year Award. Apply now.

Young Executive of the Year

If you’re 35 years of age or under (as of 30 June 2018), then this could be the category for you. As part of your application, tell us what you’re doing to ensure your business is innovating faster, more efficiently and effectively than the competition. We also want to know how you’ve adapted your online presence to connect with customers in a more authentic way. Apply now.

Event Details

Wednesday 21 November 2018

ICC Sydney

For more information on the 2018 Executive of the Year Awards and criteria to apply, visit

Need some help with your application? We answer all of your questions and last year’s winners share their tips for applying.

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