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Thinking globally, acting locally: Frederic Platini

Frederic Platini, CEO of R-LOGITECH, the international infrastructure and logistics services provider, is looking forward to new opportunities in the natural resources industry that focus on new commodities

Frederic Platini R-LOGITECH

With a presence across three continents, in more than 30 countries, and with more than 40 terminals, R-LOGITECH is an international infrastructure and logistics services provider focused on natural resources.

Its companies, such as Euroports, Manuport Logistic, Nectar and R-Logistic, mean the Group is handling 70 million tons of goods per year and 300, 000 TEU across Europe, Asia and Africa.

But after a challenging year in 2020 thanks to the pandemic and the slowdown of the global economy that affected all logistical players, 2021 has proved to be opening itself up to new opportunities.

“In 2020, we were exceptionally resilient and did everything we could to remain fully operational for our clients. We also ensured the protection of all our employees in every location and delivered essential commodities to the end user,” says Frederic Platini, CEO of R-LOGITECH. “I’m proud of the dedication of our employees that made this possible.”

Now, with the rates of container freight hitting all records, the supply chain is under pressure and the effect of logistics on the global economy has rarely been stronger. “R-LOGITECH has been able to accommodate new clients and products, including the proposal of longterm alternatives and developing innovative supply chain solutions by shifting goods from container vessels to conventional vessels,” Frederic explains.

An additional factor contributing to the group’s competitiveness is its parent company, Monaco Resources Group (MRG). The global conglomerate which focuses on natural resources, allows it to think globally while acting locally.

Axel Fischer who has over 25 years of experience in the natural resources industry, has been President of Monaco Resources Group, based in Monaco, since 2013. He initiated a growth strategy that developed it into a diversified natural resource and infrastructure logistics group, employing more than 5000 people in 50 countries.

“Our core business is linked to industrial players and international trade but with a very strong local content – combining MRG’s strength with R-LOGITECH’s vision allows us to bring local knowledge to a supply chain solution,” Frederic points out.

His insistence in pursuing the development of integrated solutions was fully supported by Axel and together, the two men have accelerated the growth of R-LOGITECH.

Frederic says that for the Group, safety is not just a priority, but a value. “We are continuously exploring new options to better deliver maritime supply-chain solutions with the commitment to promote a sustainable approach. But it’s just as important to us to provide a safe and secure working environment for our colleagues.”

We are eager to further develop our network in new areas and will focusing on the commodities of the future, and following our clients in their global operations. With both our existing and new terminals dedicated to renewable energy, we are ready to contribute to the necessary transformation of the economy in order to reduce our carbon footprint and became an essential player for the our industrial partners.”

According to Frederic, you can’t develop your company in this industry if you aren’t a team-player who’s able to provide sustainable economic growth in a responsible manner. “It’s about contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN 2015/2030, implementing and sharing good practices with local communities, and investing in environmental and social projects that aim to protect the environment,” he says.

With over 20 years of experience in business management and as a leader, Frederic Platini says he’s feeling positive about the future. “I’m looking forward to new opportunities in the natural resources industry that focus on new commodities. This is an exciting time for R-LOGITECH and Monaco Resources Group.”

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