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Ensuring Greater Security and Sustainability on the High Seas: Thuraya

Thuraya opens the door to safer oceans and effective fishery management for cost-conscious maritime users.

Thuraya T2M-DUAL

The transition to digitisation is changing the maritime sector globally. However, the pace of change is slow, because the overall costs of integrating and maintaining third-party services are still high. That’s where Thuraya comes in.

The mobile satellite services subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi-based satellite operator, Yahsat, has launched Thuraya SatTrack, which is a web-based tracking and monitoring service for maritime users. Developed specifically for vessels and fleets serviced by Thuraya’s MarineStar solution, SatTrack facilitates sustainable fishing, improved crew welfare and better fleet management.

An affordable turnkey subscription-based service, Thuraya’s SatTrack helps MarineStar users optimise operations and gain vital market advantage, while ensuring compliance with national maritime laws and regulations for increased safety and security of fishermen.

Backed by several add-ons and the inbuilt voice capabilities of Thuraya MarineStar, SatTrack complements as an intuitive, feature-rich, yet easy-to-use tracking and monitoring platform that generates a lot of value for its users. It opens up a new world of instant communication from onshore teams for offshore operations.

Fish catch reporting and location tracking

As the demand for compliance and related information grows exponentially, satellite connectivity and smart applications have become the most convenient and affordable means of ship-to-shore and inter-ship communications.

SatTrack subscribers do not have to delve into multiple layers of data to build comprehensive insights. The service consists of an online application that displays the information reported from onboard Thuraya MarineStar terminals on a user-friendly dashboard. The system can create and monitor geo-fences, produce detailed maps, send custom notifications, receive terminal alerts and position reports based on user requirements.

SatTrack delivers almost instant updates about vessels anywhere within Thuraya’s network, spanning 80% of the world’s fishing hubs. In addition to generating fish catch reports and detailed logs about permitted fish types and gear, the application systematically records the locations of customers’ active vessels, triggering alerts, whenever they enter restricted zones. Proper access controls ensure that the data remains protected, and not manipulated.

Condition-based monitoring

SatTrack displays onboard data sent by third-party devices integrated with the Thuraya MarineStar terminal. This information can be used to improve operational efficiencies and enable situational awareness. By monitoring asset activities, owners and operators are able to make critical decisions efficiently, resulting in huge cost savings. SatTrack also enables whitelisting and blacklisting of call numbers, effectively putting checks on expenses accrued by the crew.

Flexible pricing based on usage

While a majority of owners will readily acknowledge that their vessels should be connected to the internet, they still think of remote monitoring in terms of conventional connectivity using expensive bandwidth. When bundled with the Thuraya MarineStar solution, SatTrack presents an extremely viable, reliable and cost-effective operating model that is instantly advantageous to the ship owners and operators. With a flat-fee subscription model, SatTrack protects customers from bill shock and amplifies the benefits of Thuraya MarineStar – making it a best-in-class, end-to-end tracking and monitoring solution that gives users the upper hand.

Besides ensuring greater seafarer safety through its SOS configurations, the SatTrack’s alert mechanism is handy during search and rescue operations. The main beneficiaries of these functions include civil defense agencies and organisations with varied maritime interests such as police, port authorities, coast guards, transport authorities, coastal surveillance bodies, as well as agriculture and fisheries ministries.

Coming Soon: Thuraya SatTrack for Land

Satellite-powered tracking and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets is an emerging market trend, especially in areas lacking terrestrial connectivity. Therefore, Thuraya is expanding the scope of its SatTrack service to cover land-based operations. The move is expected to transform how global supply chains function.

SatTrack for Land is being developed to augment the capabilities of Thuraya’s Satellite and GSM machine-to-machine (M2M) terminal – T2M-DUAL. This is a cloud-based service, which will allow owners to localise their assets, assign geofences, review trail history and enable speed monitoring. The web application will consist of a specialised and interactive dashboard, which will display information collected from the T2M-DUAL terminals deployed on worksites or vehicles. Various sensors connected to T2M-DUAL will ensure efficient cold chain monitoring of temperature-sensitive goods and assess asset vibration for much improved maintenance. The data thus retrieved will appear on the SatTrack dashboard.

The key advantages of SatTrack for Land include enhanced security, operational efficiency and personnel safety. With this service, Thuraya is aiming to gain a stronger foothold in the transportation industry, including cross-border road and rail logistics.

For more information about Thuraya SatTrack and Thuraya SatTrack for Land, please email us at [email protected]. Watch this video to discover more about Thuraya SatTrack for Land.

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