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Tofino: A retreat that restarts the soul on Canada’s rugged Pacific Coast

This meeting destination will take your team to a place beyond words.


The first time you walk from the forest to the sea it’s like stepping onto the world’s largest auditorium stage. Curtains of shore pines draw open and the beach stretches impossibly into the distance. Crowds of waves overlap with a meditative rhythm, as your breath is literally drawn from you. After that first sigh of arrival, each lungful of sea-misted air seems to give you more energy. Even as your colleagues disperse, leaving their own inquiring tracks, you realize this experience will bring your team closer than ever.

This is Tofino.

An enclave of culture and recreation

Fly or drive to the last stop on Canada’s rugged Pacific coast, and you’ll find one of the best-kept secrets in the boutique meeting world.

The town itself is located at the tip of a sea-swept archipelago on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, in the province of British Columbia. It is at the heart of the traditional territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region.

It is also home to inspired restaurants, luxuriously appointed resorts, West Coast cedar cabins and intimate meeting facilities that have hosted dignitaries and celebrities from around the globe.

Secluded tranquility and natural hospitality

On your 45-minute flight from Vancouver International Airport’s South Terminal or downtown Vancouver’s float plane terminal, you’ll cruise above forested peaks to the other side of Vancouver Island, descending to a runway that feels like a private airstrip. Once you are driving beneath the canopy, the lush green of old growth rainforest envelops your group, and city memories begin to fade. Flashes of coastline entice you as the undulating two-lane highway leads to a town that seems to be equal parts artistic oasis and rustic fishing village.

Here, the road simply stops. Small streets are lined with wooden buildings, historic details and small independent shops. The marina and wharf evoke tales of fishing, discovery and a deep respect for the sea.

A sense of place that exists within nature

There is a strong connection to First Nations culture here, and it’s their word that describes it best; His-shuk-nish-tsa-waak – ‘We are all one’.

The Tofino meeting experience is ideal for teams who truly desire a retreat from an overloaded world. It is an exclusive destination for groups of up to 50 committed individuals seeking a deeper interaction with nature, with ideas and with each other. Nestled into the verdant Pacific rainforest, a range of well-appointed meeting spaces provide ample room for indoor collaboration with all of the services you need, including high-speed Internet connectivity.

But even deeper connections are made when groups unite in Tofino’s unexpected gathering places; under the old growth canopy; breathing in the mist of the tumbling surf; or sharing a guided tour through sparkling inlets. When the work is done, feast on authentic West Coast delicacies while watching the sun set into the waves. Or simply head to the beach with a hand-wrapped fish burrito. Whichever Tofino adventure you choose for your team, it will be served with fresh sea air and a generosity natural to remote coastal communities.

Pandemic isolation to Tofino’s open skies

As the business world re-awakens from its pandemic isolation, the open skies and forest-filtered air of Tofino have fresh appeal.

Locals here weathered the shutdown with responsibility and resilience, and are re-opening with a renewed dedication to the natural world we all share.

This lush environment also inspires business priorities of sustainability and balance. Local businesses at every level are committed to responsible operation, engaging with conservation programs and promoting eco-tourism. If your company seeks a regenerative destination, Tofino leads by example.

Bringing your team together

Sit in a shimmering sea on a quiet kayak ride. Touch an ancient cathedral of cedars on a forest boardwalk stroll. Feel the uplifting energy of the ocean beneath a surfboard. Watch a whale surface to breathe the same air we all share. Or, just… BE.

As you create your team’s itinerary for Tofino, be sure to leave gaps in the agenda. Start a brainstorm on a log or just sit and stare at the sea. Form a circle on the beach and outline your strategy in the sand. Or bundle up in Gore-Tex and face one of Tofino’s winter storms, as the pounding of waves resonates to your core.

Meet as one.

Here, at the farthest reach of the fingers of civilization, it becomes abundantly clear that there is no division between the land and the sea; between nature and people; or between individuals that share common experience.

And that realization – that we are all one – can be a powerful force for the growth of your business team, and every soul on it.

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