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Active Crane Hire: Raising the bar

Since first introducing electric tower cranes onto the Australian market, Active Crane Hire has become an industry leader, ascending high above the competition.

Active Crane Hire

Active Crane Hire was established in 2001 by Hermann Buchberger, after he discovered a new type of crane that was unheard of in the Australian market. He began importing the small to medium, remote control operated electric tower cranes with the aim of both selling and hiring them out to construction companies. The cranes proved popular due to their small size and the convenience of having a permanent crane onsite, cutting the need to bring in mobile cranes.

Being one of the first providers on the scene has served Active Crane Hire well. Although it was a hard sell at the start, the company now has a strong brand when it comes to the supply of small to medium size tower cranes.

Above the competition

“The Active Crane Hire brand was built based on a strong focus of customer service and early consultation in every aspect of the material handling process,” explains Hermann. “As hard as it is to sell an innovative product first, the rewards are that a strong customer loyalty is achieved and, if the customer satisfaction level is high, clients continue to recommend our services to industry colleagues.”

Active Crane Hire truck

Hermann says there are 8 key ways that ACH stays ahead of the competition:

  1. Offering a full range of services in-house, including early consultation
  2. Focusing on customer satisfaction and delivery of quality products
  3. Maintaining the core business principles
  4. Maintaining a lean management structure and a multi-skilled workforce
  5. Providing customers with a fast backup service and short response time
  6. Investing in new products to keep a technological advantage
  7. Investing in training the workforce and providing them with a high-quality workplace
  8. Strong focus on workplace health and safety

Today the company has a fleet of trucks and trailers, a crane-rigging team, and crane technicians, who have their own fleet of service vehicles and an extensive range of spare parts.

An uplifted workforce

Over the last 10 years, Active Crane Hire has also built up a professional workforce, and now has minimum dependency on subcontractors. Hermann maintains a positive work culture among employees by ensuring every individual is treated equally. He says it’s important that everyone tries and gives their best and is happy with their own performance.

Active Crane Hire truck

“My leadership philosophy is to lead by example and to work hard on being accepted and maintaining acceptance by the workforce, by showing an interest in the challenges of the tasks given to each member,” says Hermann. “I maintain an open channel to communicate business–related or private matters and I understand the importance and necessity of a good work–life balance.”

When looking to hire a new employee, Hermann is after an ability and enthusiasm to work in a team environment. “I want someone with a willingness to learn and demonstrate to others, who shows pride in their performance and presentation, and who is tolerant, honest and respectful of the company and its assets,” he says.

Active Crane Hire key facts

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