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Cresco Data: Moving at lightning pace

Cresco Data saves businesses time, money, and resources while maximising sales through effective automation.

Cresco Data

Cresco Data is an exciting eCommerce start-up based in Singapore, which utilises a cloud-based platform to help online retailers automate their sales. As an agile, dynamic business, it looks to attract people who lead naturally, think on their feet, and are unafraid of experimentation. It wants people who thrive on working with new technologies at lightning pace.

Founded by a group of experts in digital marketing and technology who saw opportunities within the Asia Pacific’s growing eCommerce industry, Cresco Data was built upon decades of experience with various brands, agencies, and publishers. It provides innovative services to clients needing data feed creation, data import, API creation, and other platforms.

Set up in Singapore

CEO and Founding Partner, Anna Trybocka, believes having headquarters in Singapore, where the government really values entrepreneurship, is the key to Cresco Data’s success.

“Having that start-up ecosystem is definitely one benefit to being in Singapore,” she says. “The other thing the Singapore Government has done really well is to encourage big businesses to set up their headquarters in the region. There are great tax incentives and it is a really easy place to live, with a fantastic infrastructure; things work very quickly. Internet and mobile connections are high speed and, in terms of travel, it’s really easy to get around.”

When it comes to partnerships, show, don’t tell

Cresco Data has achieved mutually beneficial partnerships based on strong communication and its reputation in the region. Trybocka says for start-ups building relationships, it helps to be able to show others what you can do.

“We’ve worked really hard to establish our credibility and our brand. As a consequence, we’ve managed to work with great companies across the the region, such as Criteo and Lazada. These partnerships would have been quite challenging at this early stage if we had not been able to prove we were such a professional business and that we could do a high quality job.”

Expansion within the South East Asia region

Cresco Data recently launched in Australia and is making moves in India and Taiwan. Trybocka says that over the next few years, Cresco Data will be focused on expanding further into the Asia–Pacific region.

Cresco Data key facts

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