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Delta Laboratories: The experts behind big brands

You may not have heard of Delta Laboratories, but it manufactures cosmetic, veterinary and therapeutic goods for some of Australia’s most famous brands.

Delta Laboratories

Delta Laboratories is a company that proves a commitment to honesty, integrity and quality will generally ensure its longevity. CEO Gary Leach founded the company on Sydney’s upper north shore with only AU$10,000 back in 1982 with a view to manufacturing excellent products. Delta Laboratories now runs from a specialised 3,100-square-metre facility on New South Wales’ central coast and has grown into one of Australia’s leading cosmetic, veterinary and therapeutic goods manufacturing companies.

Continued growth

Today, Delta Laboratories continues to grow. Gary is looking to build on a new site to keep up with his company’s rapid expansion. “We’ve outgrown the facility that we’re in at the moment, so we are looking at purchasing new land and build a new facility. That would be in the vicinity of about 20,000 square metres,” he says.

Gary attributes the continued success of Delta Laboratories to the way he and his staff work with its customers, which are some of the most famous brands in Australia. “We take the attitude that if our customers do well, then we do well,” says Gary. “We like to think it’s very much a partnership approach between Delta, our customers, and our suppliers.”

Expert innovators in cosmetic, veterinary and therapeutic products

Being in business for over 30 years, Delta Laboratories is known for its expertise in creating natural, therapeutic and mainstream formulations across diverse product categories. Delta carries organic certification and is accredited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and other government authorities.

In 2013, Delta Laboratories set up a division of the company dedicated to innovation. Working alongside the company’s long established research and development arm, Gary explains the Innovation Division is dedicated to “taking the best of the best raw materials available and creating products that really give the ‘wow’ factor.”

Delta Laboratories has a focus on innovation, allowing it to provide customers with a range of options for their businesses. Contract manufacturing, where customers bring their own formulations, ingredients and packaging for manufacture, is a big part of the business but the company is also strong in original design manufacturing. This option sees Delta Laboratories taking care of everything, from research and development of formulations and brand design, to manufacturing and bespoke packaging.

No compromise on quality

Gary is also particularly proud of Delta Laboratory’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which are dedicated to producing products of exceptional quality that have been tested at every stage of the process. “Over the last five years we’ve invested over AU$4 million dollars into our equipment,” he says. “We try to give the client an edge by value adding in some form, so that they can offer a better product over their competitors.”

And the quality of the products manufactured by Delta Laboratories appears to speak for itself. Gary says, “The business model we’ve got works pretty well for us. We don’t check on what our competitors are doing. We do what we do and we do it really well. Nearly all our business comes from referral. We don’t actually need to advertise. We do have a website, but no specific marketing campaign. We know we are good at what we do when nearly all our business comes from word of mouth or referral.”

Delta Laboratories key facts

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