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Dow: Holding itself to a diamond standard

For almost 120 years, the Dow Chemical Company has continued to reinvented itself in order to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.

DOW Chemical Company

Coming up with solutions to some of the most challenging issues to face the world in modern times, Dow connects people with solutions that make the planet a healthier, safer, cleaner, and more sustainable place to live by extracting value from material, polymer, chemical, and biological science.

More than 53,000 people employed by Dow in all corners of the globe work hard to advance the way we live, tackling problems like providing clean drinking water, generating clean energy, conserving the environment, and increasing agricultural productivity.

An exciting future built on a rich and solid history

Since Dow was founded by renown Canadian chemist Herbert Henry Dow in 1897, the company has made discoveries of critical importance, and also major acquisitions in order to expand and diversify — all while developing its strong commitment to safety and ethics. MD and Regional President for Australia, Tony Frencham says, “We have reinvented ourselves numerous times over that period. We have transformed ourselves in response to different market needs. Over that time, we have been the world’s biggest plastics manufacturer, then we’ve been a metal manufacturer, and we’ve made pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. Now we have a lot of different areas of focus. Now we see ourselves as a science and technology company that passionately innovates what’s essential for human progress.”

Tony is always looking forward to the new challenges that Dow embarks on. “On the horizon, we have announced that we are going to merge with Du Pont, which is the second largest chemical company in the US — also a global leader — then we are going to rearrange the company and split into three. That’s a multi-year process that we’re getting ready for right now,” he says.

A talented community of people looking for a challenging career

Dow draws on the creativity, intelligence, and determination of its people to continue achieving outstanding results for the business and the global community. Tony explains that the opportunity to explore, create, and make valuable and meaningful contributions to the world is something that attracts a talented community of employees. “Our science is essentially everywhere. Without a doubt, you and I, and everyone else we are going to meet today, has either touched or used a Dow product, or used a Dow technology, today — your smartphone, your home and personal care products, and everything else. At Dow, we know it’s a privilege to be touching people’s lives every day,” he says.

Working with experts — inside and outside Dow

As well as working with great people within the company, Tony is excited by the expertise shared by the external partners working with Dow. “It’s about specialising in what you do best and having expert partners by your side,” he says.

“Throughout the world today, people are specialising more and more. What I love about these partnerships — with logistics suppliers, service suppliers, and with our sales channel partners — is they bring expertise because that’s what they do. It means we’re able to do what we do well, they’re able to bring their best in class expertise, and it makes us better at delivering to our customers. It’s a shared commitment and I love that.”

Dow Chemical Company key facts

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