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Gloweasy: Unique personalised promotions

With a personalised approach, a wide range of wares and a commitment to quality, Gloweasy Promotions proves the power of branded promotional products.

Gloweasy Promotions

Simon Dutton started Gloweasy Promotions in 2000, after recognising the marketing value of branded promotional products. Functional branded gifts and merchandise create a lasting impression on the recipient because people don’t discard them like they do other promotional material. Instead, they use them, sometimes on a daily basis, which provides consistent exposure to the brand. And according to Simon, the effect can be wide reaching.

“Rewarding a member of staff with a voucher or bonus is great, but a well thought out scheme of branded staff gifts and rewards will spread your message wider. Your products wend their way into the homes and social lives of your team and their families. This year we have provided beach balls, flip flops, barbeque sets, towels, football kits, rugby balls and even bespoke branded mini rugby balls and footballs.”

Everything from mugs and umbrellas to power banks and mini drones

That’s just a small selection of the products that Gloweasy Promotions can supply. They have a variety of practical products such as umbrellas, mugs, office accessories, and tech gadgets. Plus, the company encourages clients to go green and offers a wide range of environmentally friendly ‘Green & Good’ items such as reusable shopping bags, as well as recycled paper and plastic products like notebooks and pens.

Bespoke USB sticks are another popular item. They’re fun to create because they are personalised to the brand. For example, a camera company might have a camera-shaped USB stick. And they are particularly effective because they are in constant use.

Focused on customer service to attract big brands

That’s what Simon tells people when he is selling the company’s marketing services. The Gloweasy Promotions team is small, but they work hard to make people aware of the marketing value of promotional products. Simon describes their approach as ‘aggressive but personal’. Clients like United Airlines & Jamie Oliver need a company that simply gets things done and quickly. That’s why such high-profile brands rely on them.

“When people are looking for branded items, you need to catch them at the right time. They might not have a need when you speak to them, but on the same day things can change — another person may require something for an event. If you’re not aggressive enough and persistent you won’t get through to the main decision makers.”

Once the client is on board, the Gloweasy Promotions team go out of their way to ensure that the products are of the highest quality, and most importantly, are delivered on time for that crucial product launch or event. The staff work with clients every step of the way to come up with a concept and design that are specifically tailored to their brand. They also ensure the imagery and logo are high resolution and Pantone colour-matched in order to best represent the brand.

Promotional products provide high ROI

This level of service and quality is available to every client, both big companies and small. Gloweasy Promtions is just as happy to provide 10 items as it is comfortable with an order for thousands.

“We have the flexibility to fit the cost of any promotional budget. And the products have a better return on investment than TV, print or social media. It’s even less expensive than online advertising, but the brand gets more reach.”

A few years ago, ASI did a global study and found that an average of 82% of recipients could name the advertiser of a branded product. This type of marketing has a huge impact, and Gloweasy Promotions delivers high quality bespoke promotional products.

“We are passionate, we hit deadline dates and whether your business is a start-up or blue chip company, we have the clients, testimonials and proof that marketing with promotional items works.”

Gloweasy Promotions key facts

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