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Manning Cartell: Fresh and focused

The Manning Cartell label is proudly Australian and committed to producing ethical clothing, giving the business heart, and motivating its staff to succeed.

Creating beautiful statements for strong, modern women using innovative texture, colour, and print is a passion shared by Cheryl, Vanessa, and Gabrielle Manning. The Sydney-based sisters founded their fashion label, Manning Cartell, in 2005. Thanks to their collective work ethic and talent, Manning Cartell designs are now stocked around the world and in nine standalone boutiques in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Forecasting a bright and fashionable future

Recently, Manning Cartell started working with The Iconic. Partnering with a huge online retailer is exciting for Manning Cartell’s future in the global market.

“What The Iconic is doing for the online platform is pretty incredible. Fashion is changing so much, which is why it’s important for us to connect to, and have as part of our creative team, people with similar mindsets and the same soul, passion, and philosophy for continual growth,” Vanessa says.

From the brand’s first appearance at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney to the launch of a new Pacific Fair store later in the year, the Manning Cartell success story is fast paced and filled with highlights that keep the Manning sisters motivated.

The first time we showed for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney was pretty massive for us — a whole new experience in itself and definitely a moment. Then we celebrated ten years as a brand last year with a big show at fashion week. Those sort of big moments when you put yourself out there and you put a lot of time and energy into it, it’s quite an important moment in your memory as you move forward.

Collaboration to achieve greater results

Manning Cartell has certainly grown from its origins as a family passion project. While Cheryl, Gabrielle, and Vanessa retain a firm hold on the direction of their business, they rely on the creativity and dedication of their team to keep things fresh and maintain the attention to detail the brand is known for.

“The most important thing for everyone — whether they’re in our team in the studio, or within the stores — is that we’re constantly revealing and growing and trying to improve. It’s that attitude which carries everything through and helps everyone to achieve a greater result,” says Vanessa.

Focused on what Manning Cartell stands for

To cultivate a company culture that reflects the values of authenticity, integrity, and honesty, which are most important to Vanessa and her sisters, staff are provided with training that inspires them to share the Manning Cartell story.

Vanessa says, “If you ever walk into our boutiques, you can see the girls all have great training. They understand products, they’re really well educated as to what we’re doing as a brand, what our values are, and what’s important. They like to talk to customers about what we’re doing — whether it’s that we manufacture in Australia, or that we are ethically accredited — they have a good understanding and they communicate that to customers.”

Like its bold, modern, yet romantic designs, the Manning Cartell business philosophy is also a great contradiction. While Manning Cartell is keen to push its own boundaries and keep pace with the furious fashion industry, the team is proud to maintain a small business feel; keeping manufacturing in Australia, hiring generations of family members, and building very close partnerships with other businesses that value ethical clothing.

“We are very fortunate that we have some really great partnerships and relationships with our suppliers. I think they’ve allowed us to continually grow, through their support of us. I think as a business we do try and surround ourselves with people that inspire us as well,” says Vanessa.

Manning Cartell key facts

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