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Orix Australia: Keeping business moving

As Orix celebrates its 30th anniversary of operations in Australia, the company is looking at how it can further disrupt the fleet management sector.

Orix Australia

Orix isn’t owned by banks or vehicle manufacturers, allowing it to provide specialised, independent services in the acquisition, financing, and management of motor vehicles and other forms of transport right across Australia.

This year Orix celebrates its 30th anniversary of Australian operations. With his gaze fixed firmly ahead on the company’s next 30 years, new CEO and Managing Director, Reggie Cabal, brings with him a decade of experience with Orix, working in the US and Australia. He told The CEO Magazine what makes Orix different and how his business is thriving in an evolving market.

Reggie Cabal on harnessing disruption in fleet management

If you look at the traditional fleet management arena, there will always be a need for fleet management providers to provide more traditional services. From that perspective, we need to maintain existing products and services. Having said that, with the advent of, and increasing acceptance of, car sharing and carpooling, there’s also a need to assess whether these are a viable solution. When the larger organisations are signaling to the market that they’re adopting car sharing or carpooling, then companies like Orix have to pay attention to that.

Orix has a flexible full service product range and online fleet management and reporting capabilities — the Orix Customer Centre — that allows customers to access all the information they’re interested in. This has improved and simplified the flow of information from Account Management teams, which are then free to provide a more specialised service, providing regular review meetings aimed at summarising trends and delivering strategic advice.

Enjoying long term relationships with staff, customers, and suppliers

“You can put all the products and services out there but if you don’t have the people to be able to execute — people that believe in the organisation — then we are just one of many that are doing the same thing,” says Reggie.

Orix’s staff is made up of people who come to the organisation from a broad and diverse range of industries, including mechanical trades, financial services, accounting, transport, commercial vehicle manufacturing, and fleet management. The retention rate is very high, which cements great relationships both internally and externally.

Reggie says, “We are among the pioneers in the Australian fleet leasing and management industry. When you’ve been in this business for thirty years, then you’re doing something right in terms of the stability of ownership. We’re one of the few that has had the same ownership for our entire existence. As part of that, the relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners are longstanding.

Orix Australia key facts

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