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Why Rackspace is fanatical about customer support

There’s a good reason more than 60% of the Fortune 100 choose Rackspace as their managed cloud provider.


Whatever the IT solution or application support your business is looking for, Rackspace has it covered. Rackspace sees itself as an extension of its customers’ own IT teams. It dedicates its services to making sure everything runs smoothly so that customers can get on with their own core business and generate revenue.

Rackspace operates within one of two streams within the cloud computing industry: the unmanaged cloud, and managed cloud services. For businesses that choose to establish, equip, and create support teams within their own organisation, there is often a focus on managing IT structure, which takes up valuable engineering resources and distracts from driving business forward.

Differentiated managed cloud service – ‘Fanatical Support’

For an organisation looking for someone else to assess their varied requirements and continue managing the experience, Rackspace seeks to provide ‘Fanatical Support’, which the company describes as “a specialised expertise and 24x7x365 service that has been part of its DNA since 1999”.

Rackspace provides its special brand of Fanatical Support through its 3,000 cloud engineers — ‘Rackers’, as employees are affectionately called by the company — who service over 300,000 customers in 120 countries around the world.

UK MD Darren Norfolk says Rackers are genuinely focused on Fanatical Support and that it’s not just a company tagline.

“We see that the cloud has gone through its initial phase, where people were desperate to grab hold of it, but now they are trying to manage the complexity of having it. That really plays to our strengths — being able to support customers through whatever their business changes are and whatever strategic outcome they are trying to achieve. Our ethos is about supporting, helping, and looking after customers. For us, that is what managed cloud is about,” he says.

A great place to work

With such a wide range of services on offer, Rackers are a diverse, innovative, and motivated workforce. Rackspace has specialists working in areas like web hosting, mobile apps, e-commerce, big data, disaster recovery, and development testing. There are over 6,000 employees working in development, support, and sales roles.

The fanatical team of Rackers are rewarded with a very relaxed dress code, free healthy snacks and beverages, a games room, and more.

The leader in cloud-enabled managed hosting

Taylor Rhodes, President and CEO at Rackspace, says, “As we move into the second wave of cloud adoption, a growing number of companies are working with Rackspace to help them architect and manage their cloud applications and infrastructure so they can stay focused on their core business.”

Independent technology researcher Gartner named Rackspace as the best cloud-enabled managed hosting company in North America last year.

Partnering for success

Rackspace recognises its partnerships are integral to achieving these results and being able to deliver the very best solutions to customers. Rackspace partners with around 2,000 companies that complement its offering of products and services on leading platforms like AWS, Microsoft, and VMware.

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