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ROOBYX: Innovative Insurtech

A cutting-edge start-up providing pay-as-you-go insurance to the bourgeoning workforce of the sharing economy.


More and more people are embracing the sharing economy, attracted by the idea of flexible earning, and the ability to decide when and how much they work. However, there are risks to entering the collaborative consumption marketplace. ROOBYX has identified the growing need for an insurance provider that caters to people who work outside the normal employment model. The company aims to address this need by providing pay-as-you-go income protection insurance for individuals in the sharing economy. The company’s CEO, Alastair Dart, says that while today’s worker is protected, tomorrow’s is not.

“55 million workers in America, or 35% of all workers, are now freelancing, meaning they are earning an income outside the normal employment model. Australia and most other countries are following suit. The social impact will be immense without structures, products and services that are as innovative as the working lives these people are choosing.”

While the existing insurance industry continues to provide traditional and largely outdated solutions to these new world problems, ROOBYX will deliver contemporary, tailored insurance solutions to shared economy workers.

Creating awareness of the risks of flexible work

Another challenge that the company faces is the need to educate their potential clients about the risks of working in the sharing economy without income protection. Alastair believes that most people choosing to work in this way probably haven’t thought about what would happen if they were injured and unable to work for a period of time.

As more people move into the sharing economy they often are unaware of the benefits and protection they are losing and the new risks they are facing. Without knowledge there will inevitably be disasters.

The team at ROOBYX is developing content that will educate their clients on the need for income protection, and how pay-as-you-go protection will suit their needs.

Collaboration is key

For a small start-up like ROOBYX, a synergistic approach to culture and partnerships is vital to success. It’s important for everyone to be unified behind a shared goal, in order for the company’s ambitions to come to fruition.

“Culture is paramount. It is about who we are, how we act and interact. Through collaboration and transparency, the team can begin to own the direction and become the culture. Without getting the culture right, I believe we will have very little success in achieving our vision to make a difference,” says Alastair.

He also believes that partnering with other businesses that aim to provide solutions to the growing sharing economy workforce will be mutually beneficial.

“Almost daily, another start-up attempts to solve another small part of the evolving problems created by yesterday’s start-ups. Selective discussions with these groups on forming a mutually beneficial relationship has been, and will continue to be, fruitful.”

And the chances are that some of those start-ups will end up producing the next breed of clients for ROOBYX.

ROOBYX key facts

  • Company name: ROOBYX
  • CEO: Alastair Dart
  • Headquarters: Brisbane, Australia
  • Number of employees: 6
  • Industry: Finance & Banking

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