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Think Money Wealth Through Property: Experience counts

Many Australians lack knowledge and experience when it comes to property investment. Chris Childs’ Think Money Wealth Through Property is changing that.

Think Money Wealth Through Property

Chris Childs believes strong leaders don’t generate followers. She believes strong leaders should be creating more leaders. This attitude — along with a decade of success in the property market — gives her the tools she requires to fulfil her business dream: to help others achieve wealth.

Property investment experience and know-how

Chris Childs had 10 years’ experience as a certified financial planner and worked in mortgage broking and debt reduction before she saw a business opportunity to fill the needs of her mortgage broking clients. In 2007, Chris established Think Money Wealth Through Property to help those clients learn how to employ their new-found equity and increase serviceability to invest in property.

As a property investor herself, Chris, together with her husband, Jack, has spent the past 10 years creating a large and successful property portfolio of around 18 properties by combining their individual expertise. Jack has 35 years of experience working in the home improvement industry and is a member of Master Builders Australia. She says the Think Money Wealth Through Property progam allows her clients to “learn from this combination of money, finance and property experience to accumulate their own property portfolio”.

A clear path to 10 properties in 10 years

Through coaching sessions, educational events, books and web-based learning programs, Chris has been effectively educating, training and supporting her clients through their own experience of reducing debt and creating wealth. The goal being to accumulate 10 properties in 10 years.

“Think Money Wealth Through Property is unique. I have yet to find another business that offers what we offer. Our total focus on our clients’ happiness, on achieving their goals and changing their mindset — as well as their financial and investment success — makes us a one-of-a-kind business,” says Chris, who argues that this kind of education about how to invest in property is sorely lacking. She says that less than two per cent of investors in the Australian property market ever get to own five or more properties and more than 60% sell their investment property and get out of the investment market in the first two-to-three years because they find it hard to manage the holding costs. “This is mainly down to three key reasons,” Chris says. “They lack experience, confidence and don’t have the correct strategies.”

Spreading success

Chris is excited to be growing the business online. “This will allow us to expand from the Sunshine Coast without actually leaving and will allow people all over Australia to benefit from the lessons about money, property strategies, goal setting and mindset that Think Money offers here at the Sunshine Coast so successfully,” she says, acknowledging the key to this success has been the passion of the entire Think Money team.

In building this winning team, Chris says she took a tip from Sir Richard Branson. “He says if you look after staff first, the staff will look after your clients and we’ve found that to be very true. We treat our staff like friends and family and they seem to respond accordingly.”

Think Money Wealth Through Property key facts

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