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To be eligible for the Executive Assistant of the Year award, applicants should:

  • Be able to demonstrate excellence in their role as an executive/personal assistant, executive/personal secretary.

Executive Assistant of the Year – Finalists


Christine Neville - Headshot

Christie Neville

Executive Assistant

I get enormous satisfaction out of my Director’s success and attribute this to my own success.
I see my role as the enabler of my Director’s success. His business objectives over the last twelve months have therefore become my personal objectives.


Larissa Auditore - Headshot

Larissa Auditore

Executive Assistant to the CEO and Managing Director

Being an EA is an extraordinary career and increasingly we are becoming some of the most important key players in organisations.


Simone Koolloos - Headshot

Simone Koolloos

Executive Assistant

The role has been demanding and challenging and evolved significantly but it has also been extremely rewarding, working with a team that always delivers a result.


Thu Snowden - Headshot

Thu Snowden

Executive Assistant to Office of the Chairman

My biggest fear is missing the opportunity — the opportunity to make a difference, to challenge myself and the opportunity to create something lasting.