Family-owned and forward-thinking, National Capital Motors has ensured that it looks after its customers and staff over its three decades in business. Over this impressive period, the company has never made anyone redundant, and has continually reinvested to ensure constant improvement.

Campbell Brede, founder and managing director of National Capital Motors, worked to ingrain the values of discipline, honesty, and hard work in the members of the company since it was established in 1983. These values have been passed down throughout the company'’s employee base over the years to ensure its core strengths are retained.

Campbell states, “"We started just over 30 years ago with a single franchise in rented premises with just seven people. Today, we have grown to the extent where we have six separate sites with six franchises and 140 people. We'’ve seen a lot of growth in that area. That'’s probably the growth aspect of our development.”"