Toyoda Gosei Australia recognises the hardships and struggles that the Australian automotive industry is experiencing. As the domestic arm of a leading global supplier of automotive parts, Toyoda Gosei is utilising its widespread reach and knowledge base to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness in the industry.

CEO of Toyoda Gosei Australia Eiichiro Maeda has worked across the global corporation’s operations, and recently spoke exclusively to The CEO Magazine about the future of Toyoda Gosei and the Australian automotive industry.

“I was working at Toyoda Gosei Japan in the purchasing department” Eiichiro stated. “After that, I was transferred to Toyoda Gosei in North America, where I worked for six years. I was then transferred to Mexico, where I took the role of CEO for three and a half years.

Following that position, I moved to Australia, and I’ve been here for five years. Due to that global experience, I’ve always compared the Australian automotive industry to the other automotive markets that I’ve worked in like the US, Mexico, and Japan.”