As the second-oldest air force in the world, with roots reaching back to 1921, the Royal Australian Air Force understands the importance of adaptability and growth. With skilled staff, cutting-edge technology, and close-knit collaborations with partner forces and governments, the RAAF is ensuring that it’s prepared for whatever challenge comes up on the horizon.

Geoff Brown, Chief of the RAAF, recently shared his thoughts with The CEO Magazine on where this vital organisation is going and the role it will play in shaping Australia'’s future.

The CEO Magazine: You joined the RAAF in 1980. What changes have you seen over the past 34 years?

Geoff: The changes have been enormous. I think over time the RAAF has become a far more professional outfit in many respects. Additionally, just the general evolution of technology has had a big impact on the air force and how it operates.