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Glen Sealey

Photo of Glen Sealey - COO of Maserati ANZ

Over the past few years, Maserati has been undergoing a significant transformation. Large investments have been made into its facilities and models, its annual sales have increased, and it has expanded internationally. The luxury label’s presence has been growing enormously in this region and it is constantly evolving under the direction of COO Glen Sealey.

In charge of Maserati’s operations in Australia, New Zealand, and most recently South Africa, Glen is focused on moving the brand from the ‘exotic’ to ‘exclusive’ category, while keeping it authentic and true to its traditional roots. European Automotive Imports, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ateco Group, took over the distribution of Maserati in late 2005, and an investment of more than $100 million was poured into the dealer network facilities soon after. The aim was to lift and stabilise the brand in the local marketplace.

“We took the business pretty much straight away from an average of 60 sales a year to an average of 150 sales a year, which is a great increase,” Glen says. “We averaged 150 a year all the way through to 2013, and that’s no mean feat considering what was happening in the market over that period of time, and the fact we had a limited model range as well. But providing that stability enabled us to set ourselves a platform from which we could grow further.”

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