As the leading auto glass repairer in Europe, and a member of the global Belron Group which operates in 34 countries, Carglass is certainly an impressive company. Globally, Belron serves 50,000 customers every day, employs 25,000 staff, and has an annual turnover of more than €2.7 billion.

Since Managing Director of Carglass in Germany Jean-Pierre Filippini started with the organisation, business has been booming, with increased revenue and market share. “"We have grown our segment share year after year. All of our key performance indicators like customer satisfaction grow every year as well."”

Jean-Pierre started his career in business with something completely different —degrees in civil engineering and chemistry. “"After university, I went to work for a chemistry company but I combined that with an MBA in marketing and sales. Then I worked for Avery Denison and I was responsible for their markets in the Middle East, South America, and Europe. At Avery Denison I went from being a technical commercial engineer to a product and sales manager.”"