In 2002, two businesses—Egaña Group and Aforasa—joined forces to create the Spain-based CIE Automotive Group, a global components and subassemblies manufacturer and supplier for the automotive industry. Since that day, it has grown exponentially through organic means as well as via acquisition and joint ventures to become a powerhouse player in the sector. In fact, since 1996 when Egaña Group was founded, it has been involved in almost 70 merger and acquisition transactions.

With a presence on four continents and in 25 countries, CIE Automotive certainly knows how to maintain sustainable, profitable success in a competitive marketplace.

Jesus Maria Herrera has been CEO of the group since 21 January 2013. Prior to that appointment, he served as Managing Director of CIE, and before that he was the CEO of the American businesses. Jesus has been with the group for many years, long before it was even called CIE Automotive and when it consisted of several other smaller enterprises.

“I started with CIE Automotive in 1991, in one of the companies that now make up the CIE Automotive group,” he says. “I have been with this one business for my entire professional life, which is 25 years.”

CIE Automotive’s core operation is to manufacture and supply components and subcomponents to the automotive sector. Parts manufactured include the engine and powertrain, chassis and steering assembly, a vehicle’s exterior, and all of its interior elements. CIE Automotive engages in the design, creation, and sale of all of these parts using highly advanced technologies, materials, and associated processes in its 80 industrial plants around the world.