MECA Group works tirelessly to make car ownership easier and more cost effective for its consumers. Already a leading provider of aftermarket automobile services in the Scandinavian market, it has a strong vision for future success with strategies in place to enable it to achieve its full potential. Its distribution networks are made up of more than 80 departments and it operates 600 MECA car service centres as well as 180 Bosch car service centres. Under the MECA Group banner sit four subsidiaries: MECA Sweden, MECA Norway, MECA/Mekonomen Group, and MECA Car Parts.

Krister Duwe is the managing director of MECA Sweden. Appointed in October 2013, his mission is to leverage the synergies between the company and MECA Group’s parent organisation Mekonomen Group to encourage growth and increase the brand’s presence in the specialised automobile sector.

Prior to his current role, Krister was involved in the food industry for approximately 20 years, working as a qualified chef for three, then as a sales director with the Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen. In 2007, he switched industries and joined paint company Alcro-Beckers where he remained for three years as sales director. He was then employed in his first managing director role with automobile spare-parts chain Mekonomen Group, before it acquired MECA Group, to lead its Swedish operations.