Rhiag Group is a leader in Europe’'s independent car aftermarket sector. It is a multinational business and has a mission to constantly improve the performance of its B2B distribution model, to consistently expand its product lines and services, and to support the professional development of garages and workshops operating in its target market.

Rhiag Group manages, either independently or through its subsidiary companies, which are directly and indirectly controlled by it, distribution activities in the automotive sector. Its principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency, and openness are shown in all its operations by delivering a high-quality and efficient service to its customers. The automotive aftermarket sector is complex and competitive; however, Rhiag Group has been able to navigate it well to come out as a leading player.

Founded in 1962, the company began in Milan, Italy. Its initial focus was on the progressive expansion of its product lines and distribution networks. By the late 70s, it was ready to expand internationally, and began by entering the Swiss market. A number of years later, in 1995, it acquired auto parts distributor Elit Group, which enabled it to enter the markets of Eastern Europe, specifically the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine. This marked the beginning of a significant growth period.