The transformation that Adelaide Airport has seen in the past two years has been meteoric. With positive shifts in culture, operations, and processes, and the status as the fastest-growing capital city airport for international and domestic travel, Adelaide Airport is set to take off and conquer new horizons as the company continues to evolve.

As the fifth-largest airport in Australia, Adelaide Airport is ready to tackle new challenges and attract vital visitors to the state of South Australia. Since Adelaide Airport Limited purchased 90-year operating leases for Adelaide and Parafield airports in May 1998, the company has safeguarded and nurtured its responsibility as the aviation gateway to South Australia.

With the airport processing nearly eight million passengers annually, it’'s a task and responsibility that Managing Director Mark Young and his team take very seriously. Since taking over from former leader Phil Baker in 2011, Mark states that he’'s worked hard to cultivate the company and collaborate cohesively across the organisation.

"“Prior to this role, I spent nearly 20 years in a contract mining, ASX-listed company, which was involved in open-pit and underground mining. We were a building construction and civil engineering group operating throughout the Asia–Pacific. I was in that company for nearly 20 years and a large part of that was as finance director.”"