Tynan Motors is strategically manoeuvring through the congested lanes of the Australian automotive industry with the help of its strong relationships with partners and suppliers, its deep roots in local communities, and its devoted staff.

Michael Tynan is the founder and managing director of Tynan Motors and has seen the company grow over five decades from a single car dealership in 1966 to a large network of respected dealerships. Michael sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss the company’s well-established place in Australia’s local communities and its automotive industry.

“I commenced my working life on a dairy farm. I was there for two years, and then I started, by default, in what we used to call a general warehouse, which catered for all the country stores and city stores from jewellery right through to picks and shovels. I started there in the jewellery department, and then I opened my own jewellery shop when I was 21 with the help of some very good people” stated Michael.