In 2011, automotive spare parts and accessories distributor EUROPART was acquired by financial investors Triton and Paragon. This ownership change sparked a new chapter for the former family-run business, giving it a fresh new approach to how it would continue to grow within the industry. A year later, Pierre Fleck was appointed to the role of CEO and, since then, he has been leading the team on a successful journey forward.

He says everything is on track for EUROPART as it hones in on its strengths while effectively serving the needs of its customers in the truck, trailer, van, and bus sectors.

“We have enormous potential,” he notes. “We are not just sitting here, waking up saying, ‘Where are we going to go? How are we going to do it?’ We know that we have enormous potential and we have a plan in place to capitalise on that. It took us two years to reposition the business after the ownership change and now we are going full speed ahead with the development phase. It is a matter of prioritising the growth.”

Pierre explains that this growth will come from further developments of EUROPART’s three main business objectives. The first one is EUROPART’s own brand, which is currently its number-one driver. “Back in 1995, the launch of our own brand for truck spare parts was extremely innovative. We managed to consolidate our own-brand strategy from this time onwards and put a lot of effort into further developments such as quality management. For example, all of our own products run through various audits, both internal and independent ones, before the market launch. And even after that, we are continuously monitoring our products to be able to assure highest quality of every own-brand product, any time. Due to the huge demand for alternatives to original manufacturer brands, our own-brand products program is one of our key businesses besides the supply industry.