Qantas Credit Union is determined to deliver the best rates and banking experience to its sizable membership base through dedication to exceptional customer service and consistent consultation.

“Engaging members and encouraging them to play an important role in Qantas Credit Union is important to us. As a mutual organisation, one of the key things is that the customer is also the shareholder; they’re one and the same, and that’s why they’re called a member” states Scott.

“Members have a role to play in the governance of the organisation—a real, true role. They’re able to participate in the election processes for directors, and I suppose by that they’re able to even nominate or be nominated for directorships on the board. So there’s an active role in governance that members could play and do play in setting the future.

We have a 92-per-cent member satisfaction rating, which is externally surveyed, so that tells you something about the service. The other thing that’s a direct result of it is our employee engagement rating, which is at 82 per cent and externally surveyed annually. We have an engaged workforce and a positive culture that flows through to the way our people here interact with members. That culture reaches all levels from myself to the board down to anyone in the organisation.”