Fraser Motorcycles was established in 1955 from humble beginnings in the backyard of the Fraser family'’s home in Newcastle. By 1965, it had opened its first dealership in Broadmeadow, which still operates today, and later five new locations were launched in the Sydney CBD, Concord, Wollongong, Perth, and Melbourne. All of the dealerships have something different to offer; however, they still have one thing in common and that'’s superior quality and service.

This year marks 60 years of business for Fraser Motorcycles. In the early days, small motorcycles were a cheap form of transport, but by the mid 1970s the game had changed and small cars took over as the vehicle of choice for the commuter. This meant motorcycles for leisure-type activities became increasingly popular, and this was a market which Fraser Motorcycles quickly tapped into. Offering repairs, services, finance, dyno testing, customisation, and a wealth of expertise, Fraser Motorcycles found itself riding the road to success.

Warren Fraser came into the business, which was founded by his father, in the 70s and took over the running of the Newcastle store in 1976. In 1983, he was appointed to a management role in the head office and distribution centre, and today he holds the position of Fraser Motorcycles’ managing director.

“"Our aim is to grow within reasonable numbers in the next decade by wholesaling, retailing, and trading,"” Warren says. “"We mainly pick the high end of the market to ensure our business remains strong and our customers remain satisfied."

"“We don’t overcomplicate our business by putting in too many brands that people don’t really understand. If you overcomplicate it with product, you'’ll probably end up hurt in the long term."”