As the largest and fastest-growing wholesale network of building materials and home and garden stores in Poland, Grupa Polskie Sk?ady Budowlane, or Grupa PSB, has become a prominent and powerful player in the Polish market. With an eye on sustainability and the community, Grupa PSB is nurturing partnerships and fostering the future health of the Polish industry.

Bogdan Panhirsz, President of Grupa PSB, discussed the group’s growth and development with The CEO Magazine as the company sets its sights on the future.

The CEO Magazine: Since Grupa PSB’s inception in 1998, how have you brought your people along on this journey?

Bogdan: For nine years, I worked as a commercial manager for another company and all the people who worked with me at the time knew me quite well, they knew that I was quite stable, and that I was a good director. I didn’t have any problems with attracting staff and bringing them on board. When I started the company in 1998, I took 34 people from the previous organisation, mostly from the marketing, commercial, and technical teams.

At first, we rented a small office near my old company and then year by year we created new places for new employees. Right now, Grupa PSB’s headquarters employs more than 300 people so we have built a new office with more than 3,000 square metres of space. We also have central warehouses with more than 20,000 square metres, including 10,000 square metres for 16,000 pallet places.