Since 1937, Ampacet’s masterbatch technology has enhanced the value of a broad range of plastic products, giving them the right look and function. Ampacet’s masterbatches are used in almost every polymer plastic process and application.

With more than 1,850 employees and a global masterbatch capacity of more than 400,000 tons, Ampacet has 24 Masterbatch production sites including colour-matching capabilities and four major R&D centres worldwide for quality management, technical service, analytical testing, and innovative development.

Giuseppe Giusto, Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss how he has seen Ampacet Europe grow over the past two decades and the investments and decisions that have been made to get Ampacet to the global leading position it is in today.

The CEO Magazine: How would you describe your journey with Ampacet?

Giuseppe: After having finalised my high school degree in industrial chemistry and having spent some time in the Air Force Academy as an officer cadet pilot, my career within the plastics industry began.