In 1857, Kährs was established in the small Swedish town of Nybro in the heart of a Swedish forest. Since that time, Kährs has refined and developed a vast network of experience and knowledge and spread deep its roots throughout the industry.

Utilising this longstanding longevity, Kährs Group has an extensive range of wood flooring products for private, public, and commercial applications in Europe, the United States, and globally, including flooring-system products, floor-care and accessories products, and installation products.

These products are sold to builders' merchants, dealers, and retailers in more than 50 countries. As one of the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world, Kährs consistently delivers high-quality, environmentally friendly products to its customers across the globe.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Christer Persson, President and CEO of Kährs Group, to discuss the company’s focus on innovation and quality, and its exciting expansion into new products and markets.