Not many Australian construction companies can say they’'ve been entrusted to build a new cathedral, rebuild a war memorial, and construct a function centre for a reception for the Queen. Perkins Builders, however, can. A regionally based builder that started more than 50 years ago in Bunbury, Western Australia, it has risen to great heights only a decade after establishing a branch in Perth. The CEO Magazine spoke to Dan Perkins, Managing Director of Perkins Builders, about the growth the company has seen and his vision for the future.

The CEO Magazine: What is the history of Perkins Builders, and what roles have you had in that time?

Dan: There was one bricklayer and one carpenter who essentially started off as residential cottage builders, but immediately commenced entry-level and lower-tier commercial building activity and started Perkins Builders. That partnership effectively continued for 25 years. In the early 1990s, we transitioned into a new entity, which was triggered by the passing of one of the foundation partners. I had been an employee of the business since 1983, originally as an apprentice carpenter and then progressing to a site manager, through to estimating and project management roles. During the first 25 years, our growth profile was fairly static; we were a regionally based commercial builder in south-west Western Australia of relatively modest activity and turnover.