Tracing its heritage to Australia’s first industry fund, Cbus has had a long and proud history of supporting the national building and construction industry. Since its establishment, the company has grown into a large financial institution in its own right, with more than 700,000 members and assets totalling over $23 billion.

As the fund for the construction industry, Cbus has strong links to its sponsoring organisations, including the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, the Australian Workers Union, the Communications Electrical Plumbing Union, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and the Electrical Trade Union. The organisation also has ties to employers, including the Master Builders Association and the National Electrical and Communications Association.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Cbus CEO David Atkin to discuss the ever-increasing legislation that continues to shape the super industry and how the organisation is remaining nimble during this formative period for the sector.