If the Australian construction world had a royal family, it would be the Elzains. The five brothers and sisters who run emerging construction giant Maxcon Constructions are all intelligent and successful, and have built the company their father started into the colossus it is today. Siblings Edman, Anthony, David, Carol, and Joanne Elzain, the five managing board members of Maxcon Constructions, sat down with The CEO Magazine to reveal how the family has succeeded in the competitive industry of construction.

Maxcon Constructions began when Raymond Elzain, the founder and driver behind the company, entered the construction industry more than four decades ago. “"Our father was the founder of this business,"” Carol says. “"He started 40-odd years ago in domestic building and slowly moved into boutique properties and luxury homes, then into small multi-unit developments. Being the dedicated family man that he has always been, my father set his goals early in his thirties to build an empire with his children. Family is always first for my father, and he maintained a relentless vision that the individual strengths and unity of his children would be the greatest fuel in building a business empire."”