Good technology and an outstanding team of employees are what gives COzero its point of difference in the competitive market of electricity retailing. The company was started by Nick Armstrong in 2007 as an environmental commodity business and today serves business clients as an electricity B2B retailer. Its aim is to deliver the best energy solutions for its customers and then to complement that by providing them with industry-leading monitoring services.

Geoff Alexander has been involved with COzero since 2009, and was appointed to the role of managing director in November last year. Before joining the company, he co-founded a large aggregation business called Neco, an eco hardware store that focused on the domestic market and was one of the largest independent creators of NGACs, the world'’s first tradeable carbon credits. Geoff has played a significant role in the development of COzero and is steering the company to even greater growth, driven by his passion for the industry and his positive outlook.