When Fuxing Huiyu Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is one of China’'s largest developers, decided to enter the Australian market, it did so with a well-thought-out strategy. Fuxing Huiyu, which is valued at $5.1 billion, saw an opportunity with the growth in the Australian residential sector and decided to set up a subsidiary development company called Starryland to break into the market.

To ensure the company got off to a successful start, it appointed Hao Liu as Executive Director. Hao has the right combination of experience with the industry both locally and in China, which made him an ideal fit for the role. Although Hao grew up in China, he started his career in the United Kingdom after graduating with a degree in marketing and management from the University of Bradford in Yorkshire. His first job out of university was with a large department store in the United Kingdom.

"“I had a few years of experience in management of a shopping centre in the United Kingdom," Hao says. "“I worked for an American company —it was a department store, quite a big store —and that was my first job after graduation. I then had six years of experience in China working for a local developer in Wuhan and then running my own business. When I got married, I decided to move to Melbourne, because I thought that was the best place to bring up my kids. I started my career in Melbourne working as a project manager for a builder, and then joined Starryland in 2014 as executive director, responsible for managing the acquisition, financing, and development of residential projects.”"