When it comes to floor coverings, Forbo Flooring Systems is a global player. The business manufactures environmentally friendly, functional and design-orientated floors, mainly for the commercial market, but also for the residential market.

Harald Burgstaller is the General Manager for Northern Europe, while also holding the role of Managing Director for Sweden. When he joined the company, it was with the intent to grow the business organically in the Nordics, something he has a track record of achieving in past positions. Harald has a broad background from the building industry, so he has ample knowledge and experience. After joining as general manager, he spent a few months analysing the situation to really understand what needed to be done and to develop a strategic growth plan for Northern Europe.

“"This was done by travelling around in the region talking to customer's and salespeople and interviewing them to understand the mechanism behind a sales success —asking what the customer needs and if we can do anything different. Looking at the potential for product groups and customer segments, trying to understand if we are missing something, and identifying how our own organisation is organised compared with customer demands. It all came down to analysing the situation from the customer'’s point of view."