In 2011, the New South Wales State Government established an independent agency to provide advice on how to prioritise the delivery of infrastructure across the state. After only four years, Infrastructure NSW has certainly made an impact with its evidence-based advice, long-term plans for infrastructure, and management of public –private developments in the heart of Sydney’'s CBD.

Jim Betts was appointed CEO of the organisation in 2013 and brought with him a wealth of experience, having had a 25-year career in transport and infrastructure both in the United Kingdom and in Australia. Jim spoke to The CEO Magazine about the challenges of his role, what he believes makes a good leader, and the future of infrastructure in New South Wales.

The CEO Magazine: What was your professional background prior to coming to Infrastructure NSW?

Jim: I have been working in transport and infrastructure for 25 years. Initially I worked with the UK government for 10 years in the UK Department of Transport. Then I spent a long time in Victoria after I moved out to Australia in 1998. I ended up running the public transport system for a number of years in Victoria, and then was head of the transport department for five years. I arrived in New South Wales a couple of years ago as CEO of Infrastructure NSW.