Moits was created by three brothers who started the business working on driveways with just a truck and a Bobcat. Michael, George, and Tony Moit have always been very hands-on in the business, each taking on a distinct role as the company expanded. These days, Tony can be found out in the field with the site workers, while Michael takes charge of liaising with clients and George scouts for new properties and resolves problems.

It is the role of Joe Vinci, CEO of Moits, to support the Moit brothers and the team members in developing and maintaining systems and solutions for the business. “"When I started as CEO in May 2013, Moits had been around for 30 years. They are known for being a great family business with a strong work ethic. The company understands the industry and is very well known,”" Joe says. “"Michael, George, and Tony worked together as brothers to build this business up. Now it’'s flourishing and supporting employees with families of their own."

“"Today, the three brothers are still the driving force behind Moits. Together, they have created one of New South Wales’ largest excavation and civil works companies, employing more than 150 workers and continuing to expand. Their passion, determination, and hard work—coupled with their family values of honesty and integrity—underpin the good working relationships the company has with teams and clients alike."