Kevin Weeks, Managing Director of Weeks Group, has spent more than 30 years developing and perfecting a complete building solution. Today, the Weeks Group is comprised of a real estate company, five building companies, and a manufacturing business which continues to build homes and to design and manufacture steel framing products for the Australian residential and commercial construction industry.

Having started out in real estate, by the late 1980s Kevin Weeks had built Weeks & Macklin Real Estate into 26 franchises. He then began to pursue land development, which in turn led to the establishment of a building business. Rapid success and expansion led to the creation of several building brands to meet housing market demand and the manufacture of building technologies such as Supaloc® steel framing. Offering a turnkey solution has meant ensuring alignment and consistency across Weeks Group’s different branches.

“"Real estate led to the building industry, and building led to the manufacturing industry,"” says Kevin. “"The great part about the integration of each one of these areas is that we’re basically all in the same business. We provide shelter: we sell shelter in the real estate business; we build shelter through our building brands; and we manufacture the products that go into the construction of the shelter.”"

The success of Weeks Group has been underpinned by the evolution and manufacture of Supaloc, arguably the world’'s best steel framing system, the result of Kevin'’s vision and many years of testing and innovation.