Now one of the largest landscape construction companies in Australia, Glascott Landscape and Civil is a homegrown success story. Director Matthew Glascott started the business more than 25 years ago and built it up through hard work, determination, and a passion for the environment. With a number of prestigious projects to its name, a renowned expertise in commercial construction, and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra, the company is on a continuing upward trajectory.

How did you come to found the company, and how has it grown and expanded over its existence?

I started the company 27 years ago. I decided to go into the business on my own as a youngster, having studied landscape design and horticulture and completing small-business courses. I decided I would venture out into the world of business on my own, starting out doing the work myself with my ute, my radio, and my pet dog, Mulligan. That’s how I started out, and I’ve built it from there to a business that crosses the eastern states of Australia employing over 100 people.

The company has been a success in the sense I started from scratch without any assistance, borrowing $1,500 from the bank to buy my ute, and off I went with all the confidence of a 21 year old and built a business from there. I built the business up in Sydney originally in the residential market, and then I branched out into the commercial market because I wanted to deal with professionals rather than with the mums and dads of the residential world. I felt more comfortable in the commercial area.