What started as a small Queensland family business with only three employees has grown to become one of Australia’s largest privately owned construction, consulting, and urban-development organisations. Despite this amazing growth—with the company consistently doubling its turnover every three years—BMD has retained its cohesive family culture.

BMD Group’s 1,700 employees are stretched out across its offices, with the company boasting a presence in North Queensland, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney, South Australia, and Western Australia. These employees, more than 55 of whom have been with the business for more than 20 years, are engaged in engineering design, construction, and land development for clients and partners in the urban-development, transport infrastructure, and energy and resources sectors. With a ranking of 36 in BRW’s Top 500 Private Companies list, BMD Group has come a long way since opening a small office in Queensland.

The CEO Magazine spoke with BMD Group’s founder and Managing Director Mick Power, AM, about the growth of the company, its exceptionally strong relationships with staff and suppliers, and its bright future.