Since 1994, the Construction Training Centre (CTC) has been an important resource to Queenslanders, allowing for the delivery of high-quality training programs to upskill workers in the building and construction industry. Set on a 12-hectare campus, the organisation has purpose-built training facilities and equipment available for lease or short-term hire.

Phil Diver has been CEO of CTC since his appointment in 2006. Coming from a background in health, private equity, and consulting in Europe and the Middle East, Phil brings a fresh perspective to operations, and is always looking to ramp up the company's innovation and creativity.

“In the kind of business that we run, you could argue about whether you really can be different, innovative, and exciting,” he says. “I have found that yes, you can. I really value the concept of creativity and getting that out of our team. If you’re in a creative industry, it is easy to innovate, but how do you do it in the seemingly staid environment of commercial leasing? Well, every place can have creativity, and we’ve demonstrated here exactly how you can do that.”

Phil understands through solid experience that a company has to have good, strong financial systems, policies, and procedures, but he also firmly believes that innovation and creativity need to be in the mix no matter what industry you’re in, and that they should never be overlooked.

“No one’s going to say, ‘We don’t want creativity’, but how you actually promote it and think outside the square is really important,” he says. “Our point of difference is really about the things that make people want to come here, and you can only attract those people if you have team members coming up with fresh ideas.”