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Building Dreams: Sarah Anderson & Tom Anderson

Choosing the wrong home builder can be devastating, as any quick Google search will show. There are endless tales on the internet – and just as many from word of mouth – of “dream home” building gone awry. From going way over budget to taking ages longer than expected, and quality that’s far from just that, there are a number of ways the home building process can go wrong.

Sarah Anderson & Tom Anderson, Project and Client Relations Manager & Site Manager of Anderson Construction Project Management

“There are plenty of building horror stories out there, but I’m happy to say that I’ve never had one of them,” shares Sarah Anderson, Project & Client Relations Manager at Anderson Construction Project Management. “We look after our clients and look after our tradespeople. The journey throughout the entire project from start to finish is one of the most important things that we provide.”

With its 30-year reputation, Melbourne-based and family-owned and operated Anderson Construction Project Management doesn’t take building dream homes lightly. Started by Director Terry Anderson in the late 1980s and now run by him and his three children Sarah, Tom and Josh, the niche, boutique builder understands how important a solid foundation is for building both homes and relationships.

“John Lillywhite is our Construction Manager and there is nothing about building that John doesn’t know. We’re unique in how we do things,” Sarah explains. “When we take on a project, we want it to be a team environment, so we like to get everyone involved. From the architect to the client, we want everyone to have their input to get the best result possible.

“That’s why we’re so transparent. We’re like an open book and show the client everything. It’s about building relationships with them. Being transparent really makes client relationships strong.”

Tom Anderson who along with his brother Josh Anderson have the roles of Site Managers, adds, “It’s also just our attention to detail and making sure the clients have a great experience. We ensure they’re up to date in what’s happening with the build. We don’t just say, ‘Righto, give us your house plans, we will do it,’ and then, at the end of the job, give them the key. We take them on a journey from start to finish, ensuring that they are involved in all the details.”

That honest transparency also extends to the company’s trade partners and suppliers, many of whom have been with the business for decades. “Transparency builds trust,” Tom insists. “We know they’ll provide a good product if we trust them, and they trust us.”

And according to Sarah, “Everyone who works for us works with us on every project. We don’t have to send out the plans and slog it out to all these different contractors to get the best price. We just know that our suppliers and tradespeople are going to look after us, so we look after them.”

Being transparent really makes client relationships strong. – Sarah Anderson, Project And Client Relations Manager

They credit the seamlessness of the process to their father and Company Director Terry. “Dad has definitely given us a leg up,” Sarah admits. “He’s done so well with the business. At one point, he had 120 people on his staff and is proud that Anderson has worked with some of the leading architects and designers over the years. Now that we’re back to just the project management side of building, we want to grow the company and continue to have a good team behind us. My brothers and I will complete our first development project in December and we expect that branch will grow as well.”

Growing up, the Anderson children spent hours in the garage, building things with their dad. He’s been an inspiration since the start. “He’s always been a hands-on bloke, starting out as a bricklayer by trade,” Tom recalls. “So, growing up, he frequently had my brother Josh and I with a shovel or a hammer in our hands and working on different kinds of projects. Building, designing and seeing things come together has always been interesting to me. Now, I am doing that on a bigger scale, creating an entire house which, I have to admit, is pretty cool.”

Sarah Anderson & Tom Anderson, Project and Client Relations Manager & Site Manager of Anderson Construction Project Management

Similarly, Sarah also drew her inspiration from childhood. “I’ve always had an interest and an eye for building and architecture. I appreciate the fine home I grew up in and I dream of having a beautiful family home of my own one day.”

And Anderson Construction Project Management wants that for its clients as well. “We’re building their dream homes,” Sarah points out. “That’s why the journey that we provide and our attention to detail is so important. We take pride in our work, which is evidenced by the end product.”

The company provides a fairytale building experience, replete with a ‘happily ever after’ ending, resulting in repeat business. “We do the mum and dad’s house, and then they need their daughter’s house or their aunty’s house done,” Sarah says. “Often we gain a client and we build everything for them.”

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