With more than 300 professionals working at diverse sites across Australia, Action Drill & Blast has a firm foundation for growth and development. Serving the civil, mining, and coal sectors, the company utilises this deep well of expertise and experience to ensure it delivers projects safely, on time, and on budget. In a competitive industry, the company'’s cohesive team is known for its unyielding passion and professionalism.

One man who understands this dedication well is Action Drill & Blast’s General Manager Warren Fair. He joined the company when it first began four years ago, and he'’s been instrumental in transforming the business into a prominent player in the mining industry.

When taking the reins of Action Drill & Blast, Warren was tasked with taking the company to a $100-million turnover in three years. He met that $100-million target in just two years, making Action Drill & Blast Australia’'s fastest-growing blasting and drilling contractor. According to Warren, at the core of that success is the company'’s commitment to its clients and its staff.

Warren recently met with The CEO Magazine to discuss the development of Action Drill & Blast and its relationships with staff, clients, and suppliers.