Federation University Australia, formerly known as the University of Ballarat, is changing the face of regional universities.

With a history in regional education dating back to 1870 and to the School of Mines Ballarat, Federation University has the experience and expertise to ensure that it continues to provide quality services to students as the industry changes.

Vice-Chancellor David Battersby spoke to The CEO Magazine about how the university has changed since its inception, why regional universities are so essential for Australia, and what the future holds for the education sector.

The CEO Magazine: What was your background prior to becoming Vice-Chancellor of Federation University Australia?

David: I went to university in Australia, completed my undergraduate degrees, and then went to New Zealand to complete my PhD in sociology. The start of my academic career was at about the time I finished my PhD. My first academic appointment was in the late 70s when I worked at two universities in New Zealand during the late 70s and into the 80s. Then I came back to Australia to Charles Sturt University in the mid 80s and spent 19 years there in a variety of positions, before becoming a deputy vice-chancellor at Charles Sturt University. In 2006, I came to the then University of Ballarat as vice-chancellor; and, of course, in 2014, the University of Ballarat became Federation University Australia.