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Keith Gunura

Photo of Keith Gunura - CEO of noonee

It’s an innovative and forward-thinking concept: the ability to sit anywhere and everywhere with the aid of a chairless chair. The concept was first conceived two years ago by Keith Gunura, co-founder and CEO of noonee, and since then the company has developed its Chairless Chair and entered talks with a number of leading manufacturers.

The wearable mechatronic technology offers a powered, lightweight, and energy-efficient lower-limb posture-support device. Designed for static and dynamic industrial market applications, the Chairless Chair aims to increase users’ health, comfort, and productivity.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Keith to discuss this groundbreaking innovation and the wide-ranging possibilities it presents.


  1. Vincent Natelli

    Actually a question. Is this wearable ergonomic leg device helpful in walking. Meaning, I have a lower back problem leaving both legs weak but moveable. Will these give my weakened legs extra support for walking instead of or also using a roller walker which I now use?

  2. Ehsan Nasiri

    Hello Keith;
    Brilliant Idea!
    I’ve got PhD in Robotics/Mechatroncis Eng. and head of R&D in a vanguard company that active in the fields of Medical Equipment,
    i.e medical robotics, Rehabilitation, neurosurgery etc.

    I just want to ask, does your company intended to give the representative of the Products for Iran or middle East area?!
    If yes, we are very eager to cooperate for such opportunity with a vast sales network and experience…

    Please let me know at your most convenient…

  3. Enrique Pérez de la Torre

    Hi Keith.
    I´m a dentist in México and i have always been thinking in some apareil that help dentist or surgeon with pectoral support for working inclined.
    It could be very usefull.
    Best regards.

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